Melita Farley

Melita Farley has more than 18 years experience as an instructional designer, trainer and educator.

She has worked on numerous projects in New Zealand and internationally as a lead instructional designer and trainer with responsibility for staffing, budgets, team leadership, and overall and detailed project design.

As well as developing educational content and delivering training, she has supported the professional development of hundreds of trainers and facilitators.

Melita also has extensive facilitation and community development experience, and is the Executive Producer for our films!

She has a B.A in Linguistics and Political Philosophy, a Graduate Diploma in Arts (Psychology), and is studying towards a Masters Degree in Education and Community Development.

​Melita is co-­owner and co-­director of Double Farley and Confluence  and is excited to be part of the Board leading the Whanganui Chamber of Commerce and Industry.